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A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 

The Seed

 Spring Poetry Contest - Top Ten Finalist 
 Richard King Perkins II

The men who chopped down his family tree
are all but gone.

When he thinks of it now
it seems like a fairy tale.
But when he really thinks of it,
he sees the shared nightmare
his parents can’t wake from,
the always grey village
where even the sun has been taken hostage.

Then the last night;
his mom puts bread
and the last bit of chocolate into his pocket,
whispering instructions
before she pushes him out
into a question mark of rain and fog.

Pissing himself in a trunk
when soldiers board the train,
willing himself to non-existence
so there is nothing to kill—
pisses himself again after a short nap,
finds a mylar balloon tied to his wheelchair
wishing dad a happy birthday.

When he thinks of it now
it seems like a fairy tale.

His head tips slightly to the window,
toward sunlight.