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A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 

Fall Poetry Contest Winner

To a wife drowned while drinking
                                   by Greg Geis


Praise to the river
for flowing

and your hair for knitting
a cap for minnows.

Praise to the bartender
for his pouring

and the silt for embracing
your lithe arms.

Praise the world
for spinning

and time
for standing still.

Praise the bridge
for crossing

and the water
for accepting you as you fell.

What shall I say, dear wife,
when we meet again?

Will you have heaving gills
or rainbow scales?

Will your tongue
unfurl like a sail

as you race
among the dead?

What shall we say to one another
in this New World—

where you drink only water
cut with tears.

Poor reeling soul
reveling now without me,

lost to whiskied night
and a jury full of stars—

holding court,
the moon your final witness

                       and soberest judge of all.