Blue Bonnet Review

A Literary Journal Featuring Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction by Talented Writers Around the Globe

A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 

Janie Appleseed

Janie walks on water droplets
dewing the far fields-- her hand
sweeps and brushes earthen jawbones,
her generosity promising sweetness and bloom. 

We boys are hungry and attentive, believing
in her luscious power to make the world anew,
to push back pine barrens and swamp maple,
giving birth to limbs that ache and reach
for strains of chaotic light. We were simple  

and satisfied before she strolled
across our landscapes; now,
the roots  of everything we know
become flesh with thin skin, and our futures lie
on October ground, sugars
converting into something new
and biting, a feast for the bees
who swarm and drink of a
season-ending fermentation
that drunkenly buzzes them back to the hive
to do silly dances, disturbing all geometry and order.