Blue Bonnet Review

A Literary Journal Featuring Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction by Talented Writers Around the Globe

A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 


Marisa Crane 

It seems lovers have had the habit
of making insane asylums out of me.
They check in when they need
a break from reality
and the chapels are already filled.

But they never last long, do they?
They get sick of my lithium promises
and the days I can’t string together
to make a week,
a month,
a life
worthy of the constant tugging
behind my sternum.

it all felt so romantic at the time:
the straitjacket kisses,
the schizophrenic fantasies,
the vacations from themselves,
but they all checked out
once the virgin moon
began to remind them
of my colorless walls
instead of the tide
they once danced freely in.

Wherever they are,
I hope they are happy,
and wherever they are,
I hope they wake up in time
for the early mass.