Blue Bonnet Review

A Literary Journal Featuring Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction by Talented Writers Around the Globe

A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 

John Timm

While working on graduate degrees in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John Timm published his first journal articles on Spanish peninsular and Latin-American literature. He continued to write while teaching at the University of New Mexico. 

After teaching for nearly ten years, he took what was intended to be a short hiatus from teaching and went to work in radio. The “hiatus” lasted some thirty years, during which he wrote hundreds of pieces of advertising copy, proposals, and all the other documentation associated with day-to-day radio station operations, along with a scattering of articles on broadcasting. Semi-retired, in 2011 he returned to the classroom to teach communications and, once again, foreign languages and literature. With ample free time to write creatively, he began his first novel manuscript and started writing short stories whenever an idea would pop into his head. Among writers he greatly admires are the usual suspects: Hemingway, Faulkner, and Steinbeck, along with Raymond Carver, Chuck Palahniuk, Joyce Carol Oates, Lorrie Moore, Jorge Luís Borges, Miguel de Unamuno and Federico García Lorca.

His short stories and flash fiction have appeared, or are scheduled for publication, in Bartleby SnopesThe Ohio Vintage Match CompanyPerspective Literary MagazineThe Story Shack, and 300 Days of Sun. His critical studies have been published in Garcia Lorca ReviewLuso-Brazilian ReviewRomance Notes and elsewhere.

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