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A literary journal featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction by writers around the globe. 

Ann Shirley-Henderson

Ann (Adjie) Shirley-Henderson is a scientist and currently a Dean for Graduate Sciences. She has been an associate editor and board member of a scientific journal and has over two hundred publications in diverse scientific research areas, ranging from molecular genetics, forensics, and biologic anthropology to setting standards for environmental controls. More recently, her research has concentrated on a study of the lives and times of émigré female scientists in the 1930s and a book is in progress. She has made numerous public appearances related to science education—CBS, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio—and been interviewed in the New Yorker, Science News, Scientific American, and Popular Science, among others. More recently she has begun to published short stories*, none of which have to do with the credentials above.

* Other Publications
1. Women in Science (or Not) October 8, 2013, The Chronicle of Higher Education
2. “Sally and the Last Supper”. Fairhaven Literary Review (Volume 1)
3. “The Neanderthal Solution “ KnightWatch Press: in the NeaDNAthal Anthology, in press
4. Greywolfe Press: “Stella and the World’s Fair”, Ni Bona Na Coroin - a collection of American short stories (Honorable mention), 2014

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